Now accepting 🥖orders

This bakery is now open for business & on a mission (aka: Headlines🍾)

Hi Bread Friends! 

Today is the day! Over the course of 2020, I’ve made hundreds of loaves of sourdough bread. Many of you bought these loaves during fundraisers that I hosted over the past few months. I can’t thank you enough for getting me to the place of confidence to start my own bakery business. 

Today my cottage-bakery, Bread & Justice, is accepting pre-orders for our inaugural loaves of sourdough.

All orders placed today will be fulfilled this Thursday, and will be available for pick-up at my home on the near west side on Thursday between 2pm - 7pm.

This week, for $8 each, we’re offering large sourdough loaves made with a marvelous blend of Hard Red Spring Wheat and Hard Red Winter Wheat from Meadowlark Organics of Ridgeway, WI and an excellent spring wheat flour from Guisto’s of San Francisco.

If you’d like to order a loaf, simply reply to this email confirming how many loaves you’d like to pick-up this Thursday. Then to confirm your pre-order you just make a payment via Venmo to @BakingMo.  

For future reference… the ordering process will be the same each week: 

  1. Each Tuesday morning, in your inbox I’ll share what bread I’m making for the week, with a reminder that pre-orders are open for the day. 

  2. Once you get the email, you can simply reply to acknowledge how many loaves you’d like to request. Orders will be accepted until 11:59pm on Tuesday night.

  3. Your final step is to send payment for your loaves. At this time payment is accepted exclusively via Venmo to @BakingMo. (I’ll then reply to confirm my address for you to pickup your bread on Thursday)

I also want you to know that while these Tuesday emails will serve as a reminder that you can order bread each week, the point of this newsletter is not to suddenly become a marketing/sales e-blast. I’m aware that many of you on this list aren’t based in Madison, and many are simply here because you’re aligned with our mission. You can expect that 80% of the content of this Bread & Justice newsletter will remain reflections on matters of social justice, as well as recipes and observations about naturally-leavened baking. The last 20% will include pre-order announcements, and important updates on our monthly donations from the proceeds from bread sales.

P.S. In keeping with our mission, all profits from the sale of bread this week will be donated to two organizations working towards a more just society. This week, and throughout January, we’ll be donating our profits to Second Harvest Food Bank & Feeding America. Food insecurity has been on my heart a lot lately… and families going hungry during a pandemic in the wealthiest nation in the world is among the most unjust things that I can think of. 

Thank you all (near and far) for all of your support.


Mo Cheeks
The village baker :)