One question 📧

Pinching myself and taking a deep breath as I plan for the future of Bread & Justice

A short letter this week as I gather my thoughts about where we’re headed together. 

I have a specific request of you this week… but first some news: 

I’m taking this week off from accepting new bread orders. The growth of this community has been amazing in just one month. Ever since last week’s flood of bread orders I’ve been brainstorming logistics on how I’ll accommodate this rapidly growing community of wonderful people who want to buy bread from me while supporting social justice causes. Thank you for your patience. My aim is to have a plan in place next week that makes it easier for more people to join in the mission of this work while also getting bread. 

This brings me back to the heart of this week’s letter. I’ve really been reflecting lately on what it means to run a community bakery, what the future of this newsletter is, and what we’re doing here together.

Bread & Justice (the bakery and this newsletter) exists because I’m passionate about a few overlapping things: 

  1. Feeding my community sourdough bread that I make with my own hands

  2. Sharing my learnings as a baker & encouraging people everywhere to make their own sourdough bread

  3. Raising money for social justice causes

  4. Helping people to recognize ways that they can do something to change the realities of racism and injustice in American society

I really appreciate that each subscriber has come to this newsletter in a unique way. Would you please take this one (1) question survey to help me better understand you as a subscriber? It would mean a lot to me if you would take 20 seconds to do this.

The results of the survey anonymous, but your impact will be significant. You taking the time to answer just one question will help me think about who’s here and how best to serve you.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the 100 pounds of flour that I picked up this weekend. At this rate it won’t be long before I’m going through this much flour every week in my quest to make bread for my community. This puts a huge smile my face to think about :)

Mo Cheeks