Pride is the devil

humility & a bread recipe

Good morning bread friends.

Having a day job and running a bakery out of my home in the early mornings requires a fair bit of juggling. It really calls for discipline to go to sleep early and get up early. Yet here I am with a confession to make…

I can’t control time.

When working with sourdough, I find myself humbly operating at the mercy of the pace of fermentation. And if I don’t plan properly and I get started a couple of hours later than usual with the afternoon mixing process, then there is little opportunity to make up that time in the schedule. That is what my Monday involved yesterday. I began my mix 2 hours later in the day than I usually do. Then I eventually found myself shaping 2 hours later than usual, and going to bed 2 hours later than usual. In order to maintain my health, I decided to wake up 2 hours later than usual… and now I’m here writing you a brief email as I am 2 hours behind on the baking schedule.

So my morning will be a bit off, but the bread will still be delicious today.

Speaking of delicious, this weekend my wife and I spent a ton of time building new garden beds. This has me anxiously anticipating growing tomatoes and the joy of making Panzanella salad with fresh tomatoes and sourdough bread. If you aren’t familiar - here is a recipe for this bread salad, which is a huge highlight of the summer in our family.

Anyway, I’ve got to get to making this bread. Thank you for reading this newsletter each week. And for those of you who are local, thank you for clicking this link and buying bread from me!


The humble baker