🪦RIP my oven😢

A quick status update after an appliance failure upsets my plans

Hi bread friends.

I had hoped that the next oven that I’d be buying would be a dedicated bread oven. The dream is to someday get a semi-pro oven that can fit up to 12 loaves in at once. The Rofco B40 and the Simply Bread Oven are the two that I’ve researched the most. Either of these would allow me to substantially increase my production, and maybe even increase the amount of sleep that I’m getting on bake days. Feeding more people and raising more money for social justice nonprofits seems like a good life to me.

As it happens, I’m finding the dream of a bread oven is getting slightly farther away. My home oven died on us yesterday… so it turns out the next oven that I’m buying will be a replacement home oven.

For those of you that are local, the important status update to share with you all is that there will be no bread this week. For you Bread Club members that were expecting to be able to pick up bread today… let me say that I’m really sorry to mess up your plans. I’ll be in touch with each of you, and we’ll figure something out to make it right.

This is frustrating at the moment, but I plan to look back on this someday and chuckle about this as a little bump in the road in the Bread & Justice’s journey.

I hope you have a good week.

a baker without an oven 😎