September Sabbatical

Boys & Girls Club donation update. No bread today :)

When I shared a couple of weeks ago that I’d be taking September off from selling sourdough, one of my Bread Club members called it my September Sabbatical. I loved that! From now on, I’m thinking of myself as being on sabbatical.

Just a couple of quick updates for you all this week:

1st - Today was only the third day of school, but walking my daughter to kindergarten each morning is one of the truest highlights of my day. I’m really thrilled that I get a chance to be responsible for this part of her new routine. I’m certainly hoping to figure out how to keep doing it on bread baking days.

2nd - As you know, Bread & Justice is a philanthropic enterprise where all profits from the sale of bread are donated to organizations working towards a more just society. Each month we select a different partner to donate to. For the month of August, this community joined together to support the development of the local Boys and Girls Club’s new skilled trade center. After all of the bread that you purchased, we are able to donate a total of $435 this month to see that this new center gets built. Together, we’re contributing to seeing that young adults in this community can see a pathway into a career in skilled trades like plumbing and construction. I personally can’t wait to hear the stories someday of families whose economic trajectories were changed as a result of the skills that they worked to develop in this program.

3rd - While we aren’t raising money for anything this month… I’d like to challenge you to think about a local organization that you would like to contribute to their mission this month. Find an organization that you’ve never given to before and consider giving them $10. Whether it is an issue that you feel worried about or a cause that you feel hopeful about… it is a great step to turn your feelings into action. This week or this month, you can take an active step towards changing the world for the better with a few minutes of research and an act of kindness and generosity.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Wishing you all the best.