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My name is Mo Cheeks and I created this newsletter to nourish your body & your soul. 

The Bread & Justice newsletter exists for those who want to
make sourdough bread & also make a more just society

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The bread & justice community is for anyone who shares two basic convictions:

  • First, this newsletter is for anyone who wants to work towards building a more just society. I believe your ability to change society is only limited by your imagination. My mission is to make my city and my country a safer place to raise my two kids. As a practice of local civic action I make bread with my own two hands, sell it locally and then donate 100% of the proceeds to causes that are fighting racism, strengthening democracy, and actively building a more justice society. My commitment with this newsletter is to help you explore how you can change society in your own community and in your own way. You can look forward to inspiring stories, hard truths, and personal reflections.

  • Next, this newsletter is for anyone who believes that bread should be natural, healthy, and simple to make at home. I spend a considerable amount of time each week making naturally leavened sourdough bread, reading about ways to improve the quality of my breads, and answering questions for new sourdough bakers. With this newsletter you will get regular distillations of my learnings, and we’ll all keep improving our breads skills together while feeding people that we love.

If you can think of someone who is passionate about both of these topics (bread & justice)… you can show that person some love by messaging them right now to tell them they should check this newsletter out.

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